Sunday, February 8, 2009

80 Days

In 80 days and a few hours we will be boarding our Emirates flight out of Sydney and onto good old London Town. i think with this '80' Number in sight I have become more excited about everything. All our flights are booked despite the dramas of getting 2 extra days in London and we have accomodation for the entire 33 days booked. Hopefully when we turn up to these places they have a bed for us.

I have my suitcase sitting in my room with a few bits and pieces that I have started collecting for us. Like the padlocks that I bought off eBay and the bright green strap that hopefully wont let us lose my bag while we are away. Also I have a pegless clothesline that will come in handy, a 1 Litre on-board toiletry bag and a day over the shoulder bag. I think Matt has the money belts. I will slowly collect more and more stuff as we go. The hardest part is deciding whether the weather will require anything that is really thick. It will be May and therefore still spring when are over there. Its not until our second last day do I expect anything to be really really HOT down in the Mediterranean paradise :).

I'll Add a few more things to this blog as we get closer to leaving. Now that I have a job until I leave it makes saving for spending money a whole lot easier. I do have to look for a unit unfortunately which will take up a whole chunk of time. But thats probably a good thing cos this waiting will eventually start to kill me.

Thats all folks.......
See ya

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