Sunday, April 12, 2009

17 days

oooooh its only 17 days till i get to go awayyyyy!!!!!! I'm starting to get really excited now because really there are maybe 12 working days or so till we go! I'm also a bit nervous about everything. I feel like i was a lot more organised for Bali than I am for this trip and Bali was only 9 days long. I've sorted out my leave for work so thats a bonus. AND the aussie dollar is going up up up whihc is awesome so now the AUD is worth about 55euro cents which is awesome and the best that its been in a long time. i'm kinda biding my time till i go and convert it because it may still rise even more and possibly i will get over half of my money back ie $100= 50+pounds.

oh well
all excitin. its the easter weekend too so i dont have to work today and its a monday which in itself is awesome!!!!

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